Free 350+ Resources to Start Java Web Development Journey

Save 100+ hours of research

1. Introduction

This is probably the most asked question in comments/DMs on my Twitter.

In this article, I am listing down all the free resources in Java, that I personally used when I was learning Java (eight years back).

Without further ado, let's get started...

2. Core Java

Core Java learning can be divided into two parts:

  • In-depth learning
  • Quick Learning

As a tip, refer to my 30 days core Java Roadmap to choose topics and directly jump onto the given video to speed up your Core Java learning.

2.1. In-depth Core Java

2.2. Quick/Short Videos to Learn Entire Core Java

3. JSP - Servlet Resources

You just need to refer to this playlist to learn JSP/Servlet no need to look for any other resource.

It covers almost every important topic.

4. Spring

Go through these three playlists one by one in a given sequence.

You need to go through all of them as they cover topics like Core Spring, Spring REST, Spring Data, and Spring Security.

5. JPA/Hibernate

After finishing Spring, it's time to learn any ORM framework.

Out of these two pick any one of the playlists.

6. Spring Boot

After Spring Core and Basic JPA/Hibernate jump into another awesome module Spring Boot.

Pick any one of the playlists based on which one you will like.

7. Conclusion

Thanks for reading this article,

Most of the resources shared above are personally used by me so I am guaranteed that they will definitely gonna help you with your Java Web development Journey.

Give it a like or comment if you find it useful!

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All the best :))